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My name is Candice Box, I’m an Master Soul Alchemist.

I provide coaching programs to support you in clearing your blocks in your energy body, shifting your belief in yourself, trusting your intuition, and making choices that change your business and life for the better.

Are you needing support in breaking through blocks in your life and business? Are you ready to free fall into your destiny and find the right guidance to support you in aligning with your soul’s true purpose?

Reserve your free 50 minute Divine Discovery Session Now!

“All I knew was how to be codependent and stuck in relationships that were destructive. I kept going back to what I thought was love and repeating the same patterns over and over again. I feel so much clearer. This is the first time I feel like my authentic self. I feel good about starting new things in my life. I feel excited about the unknown. and the amazing new things to come into my life from the help and guidance of Candice.”

Ti Belle

“Having the chance to work with Candice was really life-changing! She pointed out things that really helped me to steer my life in a more courageous direction. She provided me very unique ways to go about dealing with the issues I was facing. After working with her there has been a definite shift in the focus for my life along with the confidence in making that shift. I’m able to trust my journey a lot more, trust myself more, and the overall process for my life. I am truly grateful to the universe for letting our paths cross and for the opportunity to be blessed by her very empowering guidance.”


“Ever since my session with Candice, every aspect of my life has changed. She was able to shed light on aspects of my life that I was completely unaware of. I look at life completely different now because of my session with her. Candice has a way of creating space with total allowance that made me feel comfortable to get to the heart of things, to realize new insights, and release old crap. Her kind, grounded, authentic nature helped me to feel at ease during the process.”